Due to the German education and relevant vocational experience of the founding members of the Group, as presented in the section “Leadership”, Quadrant Consulting Group specializes in the provision of integrated services to German speaking clients, in and outside of Greece.

Already prior to the creation of the Group, the four consulting firms retained long, successful co-operational relationships with German firms and institutions, such as Mercedes-Benz Greece, the German School of Athens, and more. The Group maintains close relationships with Germany, through collaborations, participations in conferences and visits to exhibitions. It is also a member of the “Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry” and “Alumniportal Germany”. However, apart from the above, the leaders of the Group are generally active in joint scientific and social settings resulting from their Greek-German relations, having in the past contributed to several initiatives in the development of bilateral activities.

This wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience, relating directly or indirectly to the wider German background, led the founding members to the decision to organise the Group and its partnerships in such a way as to offer integrated services specifically addressed to German-speaking clients, both in Greece and abroad. This decision then evolved into one of the main strategic agendas of Quadrant Consulting Group. Today, the executive force includes German scientists at Leadership level, enhancing further the Group's capabilities in this specific direction.